The Newsletter of the Association is published three times each year and contains articles oriented towards our Russian twin city of Perm, with planned events and news of local twinning activities in Oxford. Copies of past newsletters in pdf format are available below. These illustrate some aspects of the Oxford Perm Association with a varied range of contributions. The current newsletter is available to members only.

Perm News contents (chronological order)

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An introduction, Richard Sills

News from Permian friends, Karen Hewitt

Voluntary Action, anon

Sacha and Igor in winter, Karen Hewitt

Housing in Perm, Carold Roberts, Aletta Bruins


AN ABCD of horticulture (Apples, Bees, Cheese, Dachas), Richard Sills

Oxford Youth Council trip to Perm, Maryam Okole


Perm Youth Ballet, anon

A tale of two cities, May Wylie

Perm State University visit, Karen Hewitt

Sounds Russian to me, Edward McKeon

Sounding the Enigma: Russian music and the West, Edward McKeon

Allotments and dachas exchange, Valentina Vereshchagina


Folk dance festival, anon

Perm Olympiads, Karen Hewitt

Oxfordshire/Perm voluntary action link, anon


Folk Dance festival, anon (Yarmarka)

Medical services in Perm, Hugh Nisbet

Two dogs, a lift and a thunderstorm, Peter Barker

Jenny Lewis, anon

A poet in Perm, Jenny Lewis


One hour nearer to Europe?, Karen Hewitt

A fairy tale, Ken Cugnoni


Oxford and Perm - twin towns, Tatiana Grigorieva

Women’s projects, anon

Oxford-Perm-Aviagorodok, anon

Allotments and dachas exchange, Anna Eden


Perm Youth Theatre, May Wylie

National ‘camp’ for student journalists, Olga Kirianova

Across Europe by bike, Ilya Levchenko


First Class “fair” returns, anon (Yarmarka)

Russian students and the elections, Olga Kirianova

Perm Victorian centre, Karen Hewitt


Winter fishing adventures, Olga Kirianova

The Hospice Seminar in Perm, 8th-10th June 2004, Rosalyn Roulston, Kathy Warburton

Folk dance group, David and Rosalyn Roulston

Oxford’s twin city in Russia, Perm, will be a site of a dangerous and illegal experiment, Roman Yushkov


Planning, design and conservation in Perm, Robert Parkinson

A Perm visit with a difference, Ken Cugnoni

A first-timer’s visit to Perm, Robin Carr


The Royal Navy - in Perm!, David Roulston

Dancing in Perm, Sam Coren

Humphrey Carpenter, Karen Hewitt

A day in the life of a Perm head teacher, Irina Petrova

Oxford memories, Tanya Gulyaeva

Making waves - in Perm and beyond, Rosalyn Roulston

Entertaining a Russian visitor, Gilia Slocock

The rough cut diamond that is Perm - a midwife’s view, Ann Davis

Perm shields and flag, anon


Perm International Festival of snow and ice, Catherine Boyd

Working together with Perm, Deborah Manley

Maslennitsa, Olga Kirianova


Northern Moslems, Olga Kirianova

With Permians to the Altai mountains, Karen Hewitt

Perm Autistic Society, Beryl Knotts


The Perm Association’s first film night, Mari Prichard

Russian New Year, Olga Kirianova

Would you take a child, Karen Hewitt

A Permian in the Perm Association, Julia Budnik-Grantham


On the trail of Dr Zhivago, Karen Hewitt

The seminar for the Perm Hospice charity trust, Rosalyn Roulston

Some changes in the last ten years, Philip Clayton

Perm in winter, Richard Sills


Street children in Perm, Hannah-Louise Mobbs

Perm International Youth Drama Festival, Kerry Norman

Doyle Academy of Irish Dance, Anne-Marie Gallacher


The Russian economy and climate change - a view from the front line, Adrian Hewitt

Non-profit partnership “Perm Oxford” - two years of activities, Galina Gusarova

Putin through the eyes of ordinary Russians, Karen Hewitt

Yarmarka, Christmas Parade and international Christmas fair, David Roulston

Perm in a (mild) winter (and a couple of caveats), Ken Cugnoni


The Perm disabled society, Karen Hewitt

Black Earth City: A year in the heart of Russia, Charlotte Hobson

What’s wrong with Putin?, Karen Hewitt

A Victorian evening, Ann Davis

A Permian Botanist in Oxford, Larissa Novoselova


Carmina Burana, Richard Sills

Putin and the restoration of Russia, Karen Hewitt

A Russian year, Philip Clayton

Perm people, Jay Miller

Holy Places, Victoria Arnold


My impressions about trips to Great Britain, Igor Volkhin

Golden hands, Jennifer Newman

A Perm village, Harold Burnett


University exchange, anon

Klub Privyet, Gerald Findlay

How to become a tourist guide, Karen Hewitt


Celebrating the 285th anniversary of the city of Perm, Robin Carr

Karavei in Oxford, anon

Understanding Britain in 6 and a half months, Ksenia Trosheva

Perm welcomes Donald Crawford on the 90th anniversary of Michael Romanov’s death, W George Krasnov


Restoration of young physicists’ school in Perm state University, I L Volkhin, L G Kychova

The Trans-Siberian railway: a traveller’s anthology, Deborah Manley

The conflict in Georgia - viewed from Perm, Karen Hewitt

Russian experiences of an English children’s author - Arthur Ransome, David Roulston


Developing Tourism in the Ural Mountains, Igor Volkhin, Olga Votinova

Leonid Pasternak, David Roulston

Upper Heyford, Daniel Scharf


Karavai in Oxford, Richard Sills

Karavai in London, Rosalyn Roulston

Oxford Russia Fund ‘Perm seminar on contemporary English literature’, Karen Hewitt

Carmen, Maggie Black

A child’s view of Perm, Jennifer Clapham

Kerchevo - the town that once logged, Geoffrey Findlay


Three months in Perm: Impressions, John Ellard

Perm Celebrations - some personal impressions, Frances (and Ken) Cugnoni

Night Club fire in Perm, Anon

‘Material interests’ in the activities of zemstvo deputies in late 19th century Perm, Nadezhda Gorbacheva

A library for the Oxford Perm Association?, Karen Hewitt


Diaghilev - Perm’s unlikely cultural hero - a new biography and a major exhibition, Geoffrey Findlay

A Russian child’s view of Oxford, Masha Hewitt

Cook’s tour, Colin Cook


From Perm with love, Manon Franklin-Fraiture

An equivocal testament, Karen Hewitt 

May Wylie, David Roulston

On the road to friendship, Galina Gusarova

Memorial visits in Perm, David Roulston


There’s a tourist on the bus, Christine Elliot

Perm, Masha Hewitt

Two most unexpected experiences in Britain, Tanya Trofimova

Food question, Lyudmila Kazhdaya

About three unforgettable weeks, Olga Vagina

The Russian doctors’ diary, Rosalyn Roulston


Re-tracing the steps of the Royal Navy on the Kama River, Alastair Grant

The AGM at Pegasus and Pegasus at the AGM, Rosalyn Roulston

Salt, Karen Hewitt

The meeting that changed our life…, Petrova Irina, Petrova Ekaterina

Beadwork – and the Oxford Perm Association, Karen Hewitt

Balalaikas in Bletchingdon, Andrew Adams

Karavai, May Wylie


Mesh Dancers in Oxford, May Wylie

Exploring civil society and local government issues in Perm, Charles Buxton

The Dead Hand: Regan, Gorbachev and the untold story of the cold war arms race, Book Review, Daniel Scharf

Boris Pasternak: Family Correspondence 1921-1960. Translated by Nicolas Pasternak Slater, Book Review, Susan Gregory

Multi-lingual Russia – and a tale of two languages , Mari Prichard


Professional Exchange of Lawyers, Ksenia Hewitt

Book Review The Russian Dreambook of Colour and Flight ,by Gina Ochsner,Susan Gregory

Russian Prison Theatre, David Roulston

Two Russian Portraits, Sveta’s Box of Words , Derek Summers

Travelling to Perm, Andrew Reekie

Political Demonstrations in Perm, Elizaveta Troitskaya, Darya Vershinina


Annual Report of the Oxford Perm Association, Mari Prichard

Perm Pie, Judy Palmer

Salt ( С о ль ), Ivan Kolpakov

Presidential Election: Putin Again, Tom Brothwell


Young dancers from Perm at the MESH festival in Oxford: CRUSH in Oxford, May Wylie

Dependence and Independence, Pegasus Theatre, 25 July 2012, Mari Prichard

What you may have missed during the summer!, Rosalyn Roulston

America: US Foreign Policy Since 1945, and the Imperialism of Ignorance, Alexander A, Book Review, Daniel Scharf

The GULAG Museum (Perm-36), David Kadzhaya

Dangerous Passage, Karen Hewitt

White Nights, Perm, Diana Bell


Those were the days - By the long road, Heather Haslett

Study visit from Perm, September 30 - October 03, Natalia Nefedova

Book Review: Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag

Orlando Figes, Susan Gregory

Book Review: Last Tsar Emperor Michael II, Donald Crawford, David Roulston

December celebrations in Perm of Tsar Michael II, David Roulston

A Brief History of a Russian Publishing Adventure, Karen Hewitt

‘Searching for a Face’ The Old Fire Station Gallery September 2012;

An exhibition by Inna Rogova & Natalya Korchemkina from Perm, Diana Bell and Marie Darkins

Autumn Exhibition in Oxford, Inna Rogova


Chair’s Annual Report, Mari Prichard

Anthology of Russian Poetry, Poems of Feeling, Harold Burnett

A Marginal Interest, Nick Allen

Chusovoy: A Town, A School, and a New Project, Karen Hewitt

Liza’s Letter from Chusovoy


Weight of Memory, Nataliya Kurdina

Saxophone in Perm, George Haslam

Every day is a праздник (prazdnik) at Chusovoy School, Dana Wentworth

My Perm – a sentimental journey: Diaghilev, Julia Budnik


My experiences in Perm, Rosie Lawrence

Perm-Oxford: new experience and opportunities, Irina Petrova

Going North, Anatoly Melentev

Visit to Anatoly’s home, Rosemary Page

2014 UK-Russia Year of Culture

A response to the Foreign Office statement on the UK-Russia Year of Culture, Karen Hewitt

The Russian Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale , Mari Prichard

My Perm – A Sentimental Journey: The Art Gallery, Julia Budnik-Grantham


Visiting the past in Krasnokamsk, Celia Dixie

Oxford Perm Association AGM 13th February 2014, Chair’s Report, Karen Hewitt

From the Oxford International Links Representative, Robin Carr

MESH, Yasmin Sidhwa

A girlfriend for Boris! Rosalyn Roulston

Amsterdam exhibition of Perm Prison photos,

Extracts from letters of appreciation of Karen Hewitt’s achievements submitted for her MBE award, Cynthia Watson

Russian citizens on the annexation of Crimea, Lyuda K, Ekaterina K, Natalia B

A visit to Perm and Chusovoy April 2014, Susan Gregory


MESH 2014 –Pegasus Festival of International Youth Companies. July 24th – August 1st 2014, Robin Carr

Kungur: the Tea Capital of the Russian Empire, Susan Purcell

Do the Russians still like us and do we like the Russians? Karen Herwitt

A Urals Tale - the Metal Craftsman, Carole Richardson

Mining Experiences in Russia, Sarah Payne and Bethan Gregory     


Perm City Council, inter-ethnic issues and community: learning from Oxford, Tatiana Grigorieva Russia, Susan Clarkson

Russia and Development: Capitalism, Civil Society and the State by Charles Buxton, David Roulston

Modern Russian Writing and the Russian Booker Prize, Karen Hewitt

My Perm - A Sentimental Journey: Permyak - Salty Ears, Julia Budnik-Grantham     


Oxford Perm Association: 20th anniversary celebrations: the visit of Yarmarka, Sue Gregory

The 70th Aniversary of Victory Day in Perm, Tim Sadler

OXFORD PERM 2015 Our Twentieth Anniversary Year, Committee

A story from Ukraine, Karen Hewitt

People's diplomacy: from Perm with love, Ksenia Hewitt


Visit to Oxford by Karavai Balalaika Quartet, May Wylie

Extreme Climate, Harriet Buckley

Visiting Perm for the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism and the end of the Great Patriotic War, Derek Summers

Seeing With The Heart - Visually Impaired Children In Perm, Susan Clarkson

Anniversary celebration talks

Perm-36 Museum and Gulag History, talk by Dan Healey

What is going on in Russia? The views and values of ordinary Russians, talk by Karen Hewitt

The Paintings of Leonid Pasternak, talk by Ann Pasternak-Slater, report by Dana Wentworth


Oxford Goes To Perm, Bob Price

Provincial and Backward? The distinctive cultural life of Perm, Alexander Mercouris

Noye's Fludde Twinning Event - October 2015 , Voirrey Carr

Our new Project - Oxford Journalists and Perm Journalism, Karen Hewitt

Climbing to the top of Magdalen Tower as one of the brightest impressions of Oxford tour, Olga Putina


My Perm - A Sentimental Journey An Honourable Citizen of Perm: Evgeny Shirokov, Julia Budnik - Grantham

Vsevolodo-Vilva - a celebration, Karen Hewitt

Hogwarts in Perm, Daria Shemiakina Andreyevna

Modern Art in Perm, Alison Watt

Climbing to the top of Magdalen Tower as one of the brightest impressions of Oxford tour, Olga Putina


Karavai in Liverpool - a positive extension of the Oxford connection, May Wylie

One day in the life of a PSU student, Tatyana Chudinova

A First Trip to Russia, Helen Pighills

Cruising down the Kama to Kazan (and back), Alison Watt


Cherdyn, Alison Watt

Beata's Christmas wish, Ksenia Hewitt

The floating sign, Ekaterina Zueva, Perm State University

How to enjoy a big birthday party, Karen Hewitt

A day detour to Yasnaya Polyana, David Roulston


Perm - a Winter Wonderland February 2017, Margaret Savory

As Others See Us, Karen Hewitt

Book Review Frontline Ukraine, by Richard Sakwa, I B Tauris, London 2015, David Roulston

Diabetic Foot Programme. Perm. 15th & 16th May 2017., Andrew Adams

Talk by Chief Editor of Award-Winning Perm Local Newspaper, Martin Spence

Millions march throughout Russia, Jessica Vlasova


My Perm - A Sentimental Journey - An Honourable Citizen of Perm: Professor Tsymmerman, Julia B. Grantham

Crimea - the crisis in 2014 and what has happened since, Karen Hewitt

Book Review: Alan Sillitoe's working-class novels, and the Russian connection, Jonathan Saunders

Book Review: Peter Conradi, 'Who Lost Russia - How the World Entered a New Cold War', Oneworld Publications, 2017, David Roulston

Dividing my time between Knyazhevo and Oxford, Jessica Vlasova


The things that bring us closer: A joint project in clinical psychology, Julia B. Grantham

Why did 'we' learn Russian, Nigel Robertson

Are we really so similar? or UNITY IN DIFFERENCES , Perm State University teachers: Ekaterina Isaeva, Elena Mikhailovna, Lev Pleshkov, Evgenia Kharebova, Mikhail Grabevnik and Alexandra Osmolovskaya

Perm Oxford news items Galina Gusarova

Book Review of A.J.P. Taylor's autobiography, a Personal History, Jonathan Saunders

Friends' House Moscow, Susan Clarkson

1week, 7 sunrises, and many cups of tea in Perm, Louise Hall

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