Oxford Perm Association
      Оксфорд и Пермь города-побратимы



After initial exchange visits, the Perm Region Administration and Oxfordshire County Council established a regional twinning partnership and the Oxford-Perm City Twinning Link was officially recognised in December 2004 by the Oxford City Council. The activities began in 1990 as exchanges between university teachers and students, and co-operation between voluntary action groups in Oxford and Perm. The Oxford Perm Association is a voluntary association which is actively involved in promoting and supporting the various aspects of these activities as explained in the History of the links

In the year 2015 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. A report on the successful events, which included both visits from Perm and special talks in Oxford, will be found early in 2016 in the October 2015 issue of Perm News (available to members now - enquiries are welcome).

This web site contains the following sections:

Below are some interesting web site links related to city twinning and Russia

On the Oxford City Council web site, details are available of other cities twined with Oxford.

The Russian Perm-Twins web site provides links to the Perm Oxford and other Perm twin city organisations.

The Russian Perm State University web site provides information about this university, an important part of exchanges with Oxford.

Tha Russia & America Goodwill Association site RAGA run by one of our honorary members Vladislav (George) Krasnov (a Permian living in California) has much material of potential interest to our members.

The Westminster Russia Forum is a fairly new London based voluntary group founded to promote a greater cultural, commercial and political understanding between the UK and Russia.